Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Crossover Episode 15

Tournament talk is in abundance this week. The NBA is turning into such a feisty sport these days Brian educates us on fighting in professional sports. WBC baby!!! Bret goes in on some dumb tangent to close out the 3rd segment. Check it out, tell your friends and make sure to subscribe on itunes.
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Da Champ Ft. K Slaughter, Young Deez 
Roll It 
Northern Comfort Mixtape

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The crossover Sports Podcast Episode X

The guys are back at it with a Super Bowl preview, NBA discussion for the ages and Brian educates Bret on the state of Hoosier Basketball.
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Episode 11 of The Crossover Sports Podcast

Like every national show the guys recap the SuperBowl. Brian chats Bret up about the Cardinals recent signing of Carlos Martinez. Bret gives you a preview of what is to come in the coming weeks of the show.
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The Crossover Sports Podcast Episode 12

The guys are back and in mid season form. Boogie to New Orleans. All star debate and much much more!

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Episode 13 of The Crossover Sports Podcast

The guys talk WBC, Mark Cuban/Westbrook, Women in Sports, More NBA than ever before and a Greek debate for the ages!

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Episode 14 The Crossover Sports Podcast

March Madness is here! They guys dive into the tournament. Talking immature athletes USA Gymnastics and Lavar Ball one more again. 

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